If we are to advance, we are not only to banter, but also to come to conclusions, as tentative as they may be. Many of the ideas explored at The Neoprogressive are interconnected, and cumulative. This page will be updated and periodically with the theses, maxims, and aphorisms that capture the key concepts and strategies discussed throughout the website.


Information, knowledge, enlightenment

The first argument to be advanced is that the latest explosion of information technology in the past few decades has caused a concomitant erosion is the distinctions between information, knowledge and enlightenment. Today, the confluence of near-universal high-speed Internet access and what could be called the approaching ubiquity of screens (information technology using screens in every room, on every body) is accompanied by the fetishization of information. Access to and management of information is governed by its own inexorable logic, which holds that more information invariably improves every situation. Information is an end in itself, unmoored from purpose. This  tendency should be challenged, and requires that we revisit the differences between information, knowledge and enlightenment; between data, knowing data, and improving the human experience through data.


Do not trust people who write as often as they think. | Source.

There is no such thing as an unentangled fact. | Source.