Free market mythologies and the future of public ownership

Thomas Hanna argues that in the wake of the most crippling economic downturn in 70 years, free market mythology is reaching its limits, and a return to public ownership, especially in more pluralist forms, offers a demonstrably realistic alternative as well as a pathway towards the long-term development of a more just, equitable, and sustainable economic system.


The compulsion that drives both bloggers to blog and their readers to read so manically has created a perfect storm that destroys the twin lights of enlightenment and instruction, and leaves in its path a reading ethic of purposeless gluttony. Yet I’ve decided that I cannot resist them.

A quick note on ambition

By many accounts, it is the passage of time that makes the greatest mockery of human endeavor. The folly of Ozymandias, the king of kings who famously taunted humanity to look at his works and despair, was his short-sightedness; little did he realize that his rule would not only end but also be forgotten. The inevitable decline and disappearance of status, however, is not necessarily the the most immediate case against pursuing it single-mindedly.

Retail rebellion

Workers and labor organizers know that Walmart has mastered the process of cutting down traditional union organizing drives; now they are attempting to apply a different model of workplace organizing that circumvents the typical roadblocks built in to U.S. labor laws.

How the Newtown shooting reveals acceptable death

There must be something missing from my brain. While the national hysteria veers from gory descriptions of Newtown’s mass shooting to gun control to mental health services to pushback against stigmatizing those who are of unsound mental health, my mind registers the tragedy as ordinary. Like the loss of any innocent life, the loss of […]

State of the Left: 12/11/12

2012′s most looked-up words were capitalism and socialism – Why Israel didn’t win – Obamacare architect leaves W.H. for Big Pharma – Should Harvard eliminate tuition? – How to abolish debt – If you’re 27 you’ve never experienced a colder than-average-month.

Abolish the pro- and anti-Israel stances

It is time to repudiate the use of the prefixes “pro” and “anti” prior to the words “Israeli” and “Palestinian,” so common in all media reports. While the terms do happen to capture the irrepressibly tribal dynamic of the issue, they obscure more than they illuminate, and are employed selectively in a way that makes progressive stances harder to defend.

State of the Left: Pakistan edition

Election fever is in the air in Pakistan. In February 2013, the democratically elected members of the country’s National and Provincial Assemblies will step down after five years, in preparation for general elections 60 days later under the aegis of a caretaker government. Many governments have come into power in Pakistan since 1947, several of them elected. Yet in 65 years of independence, this will be the first time that a democratically elected government is able to complete its tenure in power. What, if anything, does this mean for Pakistan, and its current trajectory?

Post-millennial informationalism as insomnia

A plague of insomnia in Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude has much to tell us about the hyper-vigilance demanded of us by the post-millennial information age.

Saudi diaries

The first thing that happened on my trip to Saudi Arabia was that I was asked to leave. Upon sitting down in my seat on the Saudi Airlines airplane, a woman two seats over looked up from her copy of The Great Gatsby and told me I needed to sit elsewhere. She did not feel comfortable sitting near a man, and so after everyone had boarded and four more pleas I moved to another seat.